What's New
  • 2004! SVG is back on track in Mozilla. Some local documentation is available.
    • Demos (Mozilla SVG Required)
    • 2003.04.02 Project suffering bit rot. Email andy (at) to get involved.
    • 2002.03.10 Pie chart added
    • 2002.03.04 Project created!
Svg Graphs
This project is intended to build a robust graphing toolkit in Mozilla SVG and XBL. It is also intended to provide Mozilla SVG implementation specific documentation and sample code. It is distributed under the standard Mozilla tri-license.

Implementation in XBL provides a set of graphing tags, like so:
Sunburst Diagram: The Treemap meets the Pie Chart
A sunburst chart.
<graph type="bar" orient="horizontal">
  <bar value="200">
  <bar value="400">
  <bar value="300">

In the sunburst graph, slices in a pie chart can have subslices:
<slice value="200" title="Passing Go">
  <slice value="50" title="Not going to Jail"/>
  <slice value="150" title="Not going bankrupt"/>

Development Status

While the title attribute works in SVG, the project has a major to-do of legending, gridding, and scaling in the bar chart example.

What is SVG?
SVG is scalable vector graphics. Check out the demos at the Mozilla SVG Project Page,, Steve Bowen's skeeter-s site, Daniele Nicolodi's site, and at netscape.public.mozilla.svg.

What is XBL?
Learn more about XBL at and netscape.public.mozilla.xbl

The contributors to date include Andy Edmonds, William Cook, and Guy Robinson. If you would like to participate, join the Mailing List or catch the news feed at Additional contributors are very welcome!

The svggraphs project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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